Privacy Policy (“Website”) strives to provide the best service possible to its users and in furtherance of this it collects and examines information about members.


Unless otherwise provided, the definition of terms provided in the upto date terms and conditions shall be applicable to this Privacy Policy.


The information collected from member includes the following: Information provided by user requesting for a call back or making an enquiry: This information include personal details like Name, mobile number and email id and the like, provided at the time of making the request

Information collected from members while accessing and using the services of the Website: This information include information collected from the use of the services of the Website and includes information such as time of logging into the service, device from which the Website is accessed, content that is uploaded, the IP address of the device being used to access the Website and the like.

The information provided by you shall be primarily used to tweak the services of the Website to suit individual tastes and preferences. The information shall be used to decide upon the advertisements, if any, best suited to you.

The information provided shall not be used to harm your reputation or your identity in any manner. Your information may be shared with the Websites trusted partners for the promotional purposes or for the analysis of user statistics of the Website.

Your information may be used by the Website to contact you for reasons such as announcing new features, responding to concerns raised by your usage of the Website or promoting allied products and services.


All information collected by the Website is retained by or is under the control of Company having it registered office.


The information provided by you may be made available to advertisers who wish to advertise through the Website.

The information provided by you may be analysed by us to identify the potential person to whom the advertiser's product or service might appeal to and then provide such advertisements to such members.

The Website may also generate reports containing information regarding the advertisements of a particular advertiser including information such as number of people who clicked the advertisement, no of persons to who the advertisement was advertised etc..

The Website may also enter into agreements with other entities for managing advertising on its Website. In such an event the responsibilities of the Website shall be borne by such entity to the maximum extent possible.


The Website and its services are provided in partnership with other entities. In such cases our partners will be contractually liable to adhere to this privacy policy.


This privacy policy is liable to be changed by the Website as and when required. It is the sole duty of the User to be informed of the privacy policy in effect at the time of accessing the Website. In the event a User decides to continue the use of the services of the Website after the change in this policy, it shall be deemed that such member agrees to such amended policy.


Cookies are bits of information stored in computing devices to improve the services delivered from the Website. Cookies may be disabled but this may severely impair the quality of the services of the Website or even prevent a member from accessing the Website.


In the event that the control of the Website changes the new management shall still be contractually liable to adhere to this policy.


This privacy policy must be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions. In the event that there is any conflict, real or interpreted, between this policy and the terms and conditions the terms and conditions shall prevail.